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Programs & Coverages: Automotive Dealerships, Builders Risk, Business Owners Policy, Contractors Equipment, Cyber, Design, Construction and Consultants, Developers E&O, Flood, Forest & Logging, General Liability, Kidnap, Ransom & Extortion, Miscellaneous Professional Liabillity, Non-Profit Management Liability, Private Company Management Liability, Public Entities, Real Estate E&O, Reinsurance, Workers' Compensation

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Company Description

Victor Insurance Managers LLC (Victor) is one of the largest and most experienced underwriting managers of specialty insurance programs in the world. Our expertise lies in evaluating risks, implementing program, developing and executing risk management activities, and servicing accounts on behalf of our insurance company partners. We distribute our solutions through a large network of independent insurance brokers. Please send questions or submissions to

Programs & Coverages

Automotive Dealerships

Automotive dealerships face a myriad of challenges. From protecting expensive inventory to dealing with the public, their risk profile can be extensive.

Victor provides property/casualty insurance solutions specifically tailored to the needs of automotive dealerships. Schinnerer's policies are designed and underwritten by industry experts. We provide solutions for franchised auto dealers, independent auto dealers and franchised RV dealers.

  • Dealer Open Lot
  • Franchised Auto Dealers
  • Independent Auto Dealers



Builders Risk

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Availability: Available nationwide*

Minimum premium: $400

Coverage: Admitted with an A++ rated carrier

Billing options: Broker bill or direct bill

Target markets: Residential construction, commercial construction (office buildings, warehouses, municipal buildings, restaurants, shopping center complexes etc.), residential/commercial remodeling, installation floaters.

Policy features:

  • $8M limit for frame, joisted masonry and non-combustible
  • $15M limit for masonry non-combustible and fire resistive 
  • Claim preparation expenses
  • Blueprint and construction documents
  • Fraud and deceit
  • Equipment breakdown
  • Theft of building materials
  • Green building recertification ($10,000 limit)
  • Contract penalties ($10,000 limit)
  • Interest of subcontractors
  • Pollutant cleanup/removal
  • Ordinance or law ($1,000,000 limit)
  • Soft costs
  • Expediting expenses
  • Property in transit ($500,000 limit)
  • Property at temporary storage ($500,000 limit)
  • Business income and extra expenses
  • Permission to occupy
  • Ability to include profit coverage
  • Underwriting guidelines and rates developed for each state and county

*not available in AK and HI



Business Owners Policy

Available through Victor for Agents

Quote, bind and issue admitted BOP policies for your small commercial clients in minutes. Choose from multiple quotes from multiple A rated providers. Log in or register today!

Coverage highlights

  • Compare quotes from multiple carriers: CNA, Coterie, Homesite, Markel
  • Available nationwide
  • Minimum premium $500
  • Up to 50 employees
  • Up to $10M in sales ($30M for some classes)
  • Up to $1M in payroll
  • Limits up to $10M in total insured property (depending on class)
  • Multi-location available
  • New ventures welcome
  • Optional cyber, liquor and professional liability endorsements
  • Umbrella indication available with CNA BOP quote



Contractors Equipment

Broad inland marine coverage for direct physical damage and loss to mobile machinery and equipment used for construction projects and other activities. 

Coverage highlights

  • Available nationwide*
  • Minimum premium: $500
  • Coverage: admitted with an A++ rated carrier
  • Limits: up to $500,000 for each individual piece of equipment and up to $10M total scheduled value.

*not available in AK or HI

Target market

  • Most types of contractors eligible.
  • Other entities that have mobile equipment exposures (warehouses, schools, manufacturing, municipalities, other types of commercial risk).


  • Debris removal
  • Employee tools
  • Leased equipment
  • New equipment
  • Pollutant cleanup
  • Rental
  • Spare parts and fuel
  • Loss payee


  • Experienced team of inland marine underwriters
  • Submit new business applications online with V².
  • Superior customer service. 





In an increasingly digitized world, no business can avoid cyber risks. When your clients experience cybercrime, business interruption and privacy threats, they need protection that’s always looking to evolve.

Multiple online quoting solutions

Victor's stand-alone cyber product is available on our V² online platform form.

With Victor for Agents you can get multiple bindable Cyber quotes from AmTrust, Coalition and Victor.

Victor Cyber coverage highlights

Availability: Admitted in 47 states and D.C.*

Target risk: Small to mid-size organizations that utilize electronic systems

Limit: Up to $5 million*

Admitted with an A rated carrier*
Broad coverage triggered by a "suspected loss"
No retention for incident response costs

*non-admitted in AK, CT & WA; for limits greater than $3M; and select industries

Coverage highlights:

  • Cyber incident response costs
  • Cybercrime
  • System damage and business interruption
  • Network security and privacy liability
  • Media liability
  • Court attendance costs

Policy features:

  • Tailored, real time threat intel through our Victor Response mobile app
  • Market-leading incident response team
  • Comprehensive business interruption covering the full supply chain
  • Coverage for full data re-creation
  • Full cybercrime coverage
  • Unlimited reinstatement

Cyber solutions available on Victor for Agents

Coverage highlights

  • Compare quotes from multiple carriers: AmTrust, Coalition, Victor
  • Available nationwide
  • Revenues up to $250M
  • Limits up to $2M bind-able online
  • Limits up to $5M via referral
  • Cyber liability and Tech E&O coverage available

Target appetite

  • Cryptocurrency
  • Energy
  • Healthcare
  • Legal services
  • Manufacturing
  • Nonprofits
  • Public sector
  • Real estate & title
  • Retail & e-commerce
  • Technology
  • And more



Design, Construction and Consultants

A broad suite of design and construction solutions span professional liability, errors & omissions, project-specific policies, management liability, property/casualty, residential & commercial builders’ risk and more.

Design and construciton solutions

  • Professional liability for architects, engineers and surveyors
  • Professional liability for a wide range of construction/ environmental consultants
  • Professional liability, E&O and pollution liability for general and artisan contractors
  • Project-specific professional liability coverage
  • Coverage for architects, engineers, land surveyors and landscape architects



Developers E&O

We’ve got developers’ backs with modern, flexible coverage that never cuts corners and is always looking to stay a step ahead. Better still, it’s the first market that’s directly available for retail insurance agents and brokers.

For retail agents only

Availability: In all 50 states and D.C.

Coverage: E&S with an A rated carrier

Minimum premium: $10,000

Limits: Up to $5 million  

Target risks:

  • Firms providing development, leasing, sales or acquisition services including on fully or partially owned properties
  • Firms providing traditional real estate brokerage services that also provide design and/or construction management services for others
  • Firms that perform property management and/or leasing services as well as design and/or construction management services on owned properties
  • Firms that perform property management and/or leasing services as well as design and/or construction management services on behalf of others
  • Firms providing real estate services that also develop properties by hiring the design and/or construction teams as subcontractors
  • Firms providing real estate services that hire the design and/or construction teams and provide professional services for others




Floods can happen almost anywhere – from coastal cities to country towns. So having the right flood insurance is essential to protecting clients' businesses.

Whether you're looking for the US government-backed National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) or private flood solutions, we've got you covered for years to come.

Victor Flood

NFIP Commercial highlights:

Federally-backed flood insurance

  • Available in all 50 states and US territories
  • Limits: $500,000 building; $500,000 contents
  • Deductible: Separate deductible for dwelling and contents
  • Standard waiting period: typically 30 days
  • Elevation Certificate (EC) may not be required, but an EC could mean a more affordable rate
  • Summary of coverage

Excess Flood highlights: 

Higher limit options when NFIP options are maxed out

  • Available in all 50 states
  • Limits: $15M combined
  • Deductible: "Follow form" to the primary NFIP policy
  • Business income coverage: $500,000 (includes loss of rent)
  • Elevation Certificate not required on certain risks
  • Replacement cost option on contents available on certain risks
  • Coverage highights and FAQs

Private Primary Commercial Flood: 

With competitive pricing, the private market may provide alternative opportunities for flood insurance protection with broader limits and the option to include business interruption.

Hiscox FloodPlus Commercial highlights:

  • Available in most states except AK, HI and KY
  • Limits: $2.5M building, business personal property and business income
  • Deductible: Flat deductible
  • Standard waiting period: 7 days
  • Business income coverage available
  • Elevation Certificate not required
  • Replacement cost option on contents avilable
  • Features and comparison

DUAL Commercial highlights:

  • Available in all 50 states
  • Limits: $3M combined building and contents
  • Deductible: $2,000 per occurence for buildings. $2,000 per occurence for contents.
  • Standard waiting period: up to 14 days
  • Business income coverage available
  • Elevation Certificate may not be required
  • Replacement cost option on contents available
  • Highlights

Neptune Private Flood

Get a Flood indication from Neptune with every line of business you quote on Victor for Agents.

Coverage highlights:

  • Available in most states except AK & KY. Coming soon in NY.
  • Available carrier: Neptune
  • Building limits up to $4M
  • Contents coverage up to $500k
  • Business interruption up to $25k available as an optional coverage
  • Deductibles between $1,250 - $50,000
  • No elevation certificates needed
  • Waiting period is 10 days (waived if binding for a real estate closing)

Product appetite: 

  • Non-residential risks
  • Building square footage: no minimum and maximum square footage for zones X and A, 25,000 square feet maximum for zone V

*Flood cannot be quoted independently at this time



Forest & Logging

We offer competitive quotes for property, general liability, loggers broad form property damage, commercial auto, inland marine and umbrella coverage.

All of it has been thoughtfully designed for operations involving logging, log road construction, chipping and log hauling – so clients can keep powering on past every setback.

Coverage: Admitted with an A+ rated carrier 

Availability: In all states except LA and NY on an admitted basis. CA written direct through Victor Insurance Services. Retail insurance agents/retail brokers only please.

Minimum premium: $5,000 

Coverage options:

  • General liability: $1M/$2M limit
  • Loggers broad form property damage (fire suppression, damage to timberlands, loading and unloading)
  • Inland marine
  • Commercial auto: $1M CSL and pollution at policy limits (all vehicles) upon request
  • Excess liability

Target risks

  • Operations that involve logging, log road construction, chipping, hauling of logs/chips, hauling finished lumber (only available in the Northwest)

Ineligible risks

  • Lumber and wood products manufacturing

Requirements for underwriting

  • 3 years in operation or equivalent industry experience
  • ACORD application along with the Victor supplemental application and multiple named insured form
  • 4 years of currently valued loss runs



General Liability

Available through Victor for Agents
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  • Compare quotes from multiple carriers: BTIS, Coterie, Hiscox, Homesite
  • Available nationwide
  • Minimum premium: $350
  • Up to 50 employees (up to 15 employees for most contracting classes)
  • Up to $10M in revenue for most classes (Between $1.5 - $10M for contractors)
  • Limits up to $5M (up to $2M bindable online)
  • Up to $500,000 in annual payroll for most classes



Kidnap, Ransom & Extortion

Our kidnap, ransom and extortion coverage is available for any type of company or high-net-worth individual who’s looking for protection and peace of mind.

Limits: Up to $65 million

Minimum premium: $1,000 

Deductible: No retention or deductible

Availability: In all 50 states and DC (non-admitted in SD and WA).

Target risks: Organizations of any type and size including private companies, public companies, academic institutions, hospitals, non-profits, engineering firms, NGOs, houses of worship, tech firms, and high net worth individuals and families.

Program features:

  • Unlimited fees for services provided by Control Risks for insured events
  • Worldwide coverage with separate limits for ransom, transit, additional expenses, legal liability and personal accident
  • Annual, trip or multi-year policies available
  • 10% of annual premium available towards loss preventative security services offered by Control Risks - pre-approval by underwriter required.
  • Additional expenses covered such as: medical expenses, psychiatric care, temporary workers, rest and rehabilitation and public relations consulting
  • Enhancement options available to a wide range of risks including academic and healthcare
  • Exclusive endorsement available with increased coverages

Who is covered?

  • All directors, officers and employees of insured
  • Family members (including spouse, domestic partners, extended family) 
  • People who reside in the insured person's household
  • Guests in the home of insured person
  • Guests and/or customers of assured on insured's premises or in insured's transport
  • The person negotiating and delivering ransom

What events are covered?

  • Kidnap: An actual or alleged kidnapping of an insured person for ransom
  • Extortion: Threat to assured and/or insured person(s) for demand of ransom, including threats against the insured person, property, trade secrets, and computer data
  • Products extortion: Threat to assured's products for demand of ransom
  • Detention: Holding under duress of an insured
  • Hijack: Any aircraft, motor vehicle, railroad train, or waterborne vessel on which the insured person is traveling

What losses are covered?

  • Ransom (up to full policy limits): Includes cash and/or marketable goods surrendered by or on behalf of the insured in connection with an insured event
  • Transit (up to full policy limits): Includes damage, destruction, disappearance, confiscation or wrongful abstraction of ransom while being delivered
  • Legal liability (up to full policy limits): Includes those costs incurred as a result of any action for damages brought by or on behalf of an insured person as a result of an insured event. Defense costs are in addition to the limit of liability
  • Personal accident ($250,000 per insured/$1,250,000 aggregate): death, loss of limb, loss of sight, loss of extremity, or permanent total disablement of insured person as result of insured event
  • Additional expenses (up to full policy limits)



Miscellaneous Professional Liabillity

Available through Victor for Agents
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Coverage highlights

  • Compare quotes from multiple carriers: Coterie, Hiscox
  • Available nationwide
  • Minimum premium $270 for most classes
  • Limits up to $5M
  • Up to $10M in revenues
  • Full retro-coverage for unknown claims from previous work for most classes
  • Claims-made form
  • Home based business acceptable



Non-Profit Management Liability

Our program offers directors and officers’ liability, employment practices liability, fiduciary liability, crime, employed lawyers’ liability and kidnap, ransom and extortion coverage.

Availability: Available in all 50 states and D.C.

Coverage: Admitted in 47 states with an A+ rated carrier (AK, MO and WA available on a non-admitted basis)

Commission: Receive the same commission for both new submissions and renewals

Target risks: Civic and social organizations, chambers of commerce, charities, foundations, human and social services, humane societies, animal shelters, museums and art galleries, trade and professional associations and many more classes. Please refer to our appetite guide for a complete list.

Directors & officers / employment practices liability / fiduciary liability

  • Shared or separate limit options
  • Limits: Up to $5M 
  • Defense outside the limits available
  • Arbitration and mediation incentive for D&O coverage
  • First dollar defense for D&O claims only for certain classes
  • Directors, officers, employees, volunteers, committee members and the entity are covered under D&O policy
  • No D&O and EPL hammer clause
  • The definition of loss under for D&O coverage includes any actual or alleged act, omission, error, misstatement, misleading statement, neglect or breach of duty, including any actual or alleged personal injury or publishers liability, by any insured person in his or her capacity as such with the company
  • EPL coverage extended to independent contractors
  • Additional Side A up to $1M
  • Sublimits available for:
    • Directors & officers liability
      • Investigative costs
      • Asset protection costs
      • Public relations costs
    • Employment practices liability
      • Workplace violence expenses
      • EPL crisis expenses
      • Wage and hour defense only
    • Fiduciary liability
      • Voluntary compliance program costs
      • Penalties for violations of HIPAA Privacy Provisions
      • Penalties under Section 502(c) of ERISA
      • Penalties under the Pension Protection Act of 2006
      • Penalties under the Affordable Care Act
      • Penalty under IRC Section 4975


  • Limits: $100,000 - $1M
  • Available coverages include employee theft, forgery/alteration, inside the premises loss, in transit loss, money orders/counterfeit money, computer crime, funds transfer fraud, personal accounts protection, and claims expense

Employed lawyers liability

  • Limit: $1M
  • Provides coverage for the acts of attorneys who work for corporations when acting in a licensed attorney capacity

Kidnap, ransom & extortion

  • Limit: $1M 
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Reimburses cost associated with kidnap, express kidnap, wrongful detention, extortion, hijack, hostage crisis or child abduction
  • Covers ransom costs, ransom lost in transit, crisis response expenses, legal liability, accidental death and dismemberment, additional expenses and business interruption 
  • Sublimits available for:
    • Recall expenses related from products extortion
    • Personal belongings lost as result of insured event
    • Threat response
    • Disappearance and investigation expenses
    • Security evacuation



Private Company Management Liability

Our program offers directors and officers’ liability, employment practices liability, fiduciary liability, crime, employed lawyers’ liability and kidnap, ransom and extortion coverage.

Availability: In all 50 states and D.C.*

Coverage: Admitted in 45 states with an A+ rated carrier 

  • Directors & Officers Liability
  • Employment Practices Liability
  • Fiduciary Liability
  • Crime
  • Employed Lawyers Liability**
  • Kidnap & Ransom


  • Up to $5 million
  • Shared or separate limits available

Target market:

  • Privately held organizations in operation for at least three years with revenues up to $50 million.
  • Three years in operation or three years of management experience
  • Up to $50 million in annual revenue

*Available on a non-admitted basis in AK, HI, MO, NY & WA
*Admitted in Florida (excluding kidnap & ransom coverage part)
*Admitted in Louisiana (excluding crime coverage part)
**Available as a separate coverage part or via endorsement


  • Directors & officers liability
  • Employment practices liability
  • Fiduciary liability
  • Employed lawyers liability
  • Crime
  • Kidnap & ransom
  • Shared or separate limit options available
  • No acquisition threshold
  • No hammer clause
  • Flexible defense options




Public Entities

We have more than 40 years' experience working with cities, counties, special districts, schools and colleges throughout the US. And we’re here to put all that knowledge behind your success.

Insurance coverages public entities and schools need can be more difficult to procure than others.

From a one-time consulting project to comprehensive underwriting and policy administration services for workers' compensation, liability and property pools, we provide a wide range of services for public entity clients.

Available coverages:

  • Accidential death and dismemberment
  • Bonds & crime
  • Cyber liability
  • Fiduciary liability
  • Flood
  • Builders Risk
  • Misc. Professional Liability
  • Property
  • Special event coverage
  • Storage tank pollution
  • Other special coverages



Real Estate E&O

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Our Real Estate Errors & Omissions solutions diligently protects real estate agents, brokers, individual appraisers and appraisal firms, commercial agents, leasing agents, mortgage brokers and property managers.

Real Estate solutions:

  • Real estate agents and brokers, property managers, appraisers, auctioneers and more
  • Property management firms and leasing agents
  • Individual appraisers of single family and multifamily residences, lots and more
  • Appraisal firms that provide services for single family residences, multi-family residences and more
  • Title agents, escrow agents and abstractors
  • Mortgage brokers who originate commercial or residential mortgage loans






We underwrite and manage reinsurance facilities (treaty and facultative) through panels of reinsurers rated AM Best A- or better. With first-rate financial strength at our disposal, you can trust in us.

Victor Reinsurance Managers Regional Treaty Program

This program supports regional insurance companies providing coverage in multiple states for complex Commercial and Casualty risks:

  • Our target classes include Multi-line, Property, and Casualty layers.
  • Our capacity ranges from $2.5-5 million per contract, and maximum of $250 million in annual direct premium written.

Regional Accounts Program (RAP)

This supports small treaty insurance companies operating in a limited region, such as a single state or county:

  • Target classes include home, farm, and main street commercial business.
  • The RAP facility is a complete solution with Victor Reinsurance Manager underwriting 100% of coverage.

Property Facultative Program

This supports regional insurance companies participating in the RAP and Victor Reinsurance Managers facilities on the business outside of treaty limits. It also supports small insurance companies that may struggle to obtain treaty insurance:

  • The maximum limit available under this program is $5 million per facultative risk.

John Tarpey
(862) 260-7044


Workers' Compensation

Available through Victor for Agents
Quote, bind and issue admitted BOP policies for your small commercial clients in minutes. Choose from multiple quotes from multiple A rated providers. Log in or register today!

Coverage highlights

  • Compare quotes from multiple carriers: AmTrust, CNA, Employers and Markel
  • Available nationwide
  • Minimum premium $500
  • Limits up to $1M
  • Over 350 eligible class codes
  • Multi-state capabilities
  • New ventures eligible in most classes
  • Superior claims and loss control services