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Programs & Coverages: Risk Point Dealer Open Lot Vehicle Inventory Program, Risk Point Garage Program for Franchised Auto, Heavy Truck, Motorcycle, Powersports & RV Dealers, Habitational Property Program, Heavy Iron Underwriters, E&S Brokerage for Construction, Energy, Environmental & Manufacturing, Artisan Contractors - Commercial Auto & General Liability

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Company Description

Risk Theory provides nationwide insurance programs which incorporate dynamic coverages, features, and flexible underwriting with dependable, and reasonably priced coverage. By underwriting each risk individually we are able to independently rate and tailor our coverage to fit each unique client’s needs. Risk Theory’s management team brings together a group of seasoned insurance professionals with a combined experience of over 100 years in the insurance world. Risk Theory was founded in 2012 and its headquarters are in Dallas, Texas.

Programs & Coverages

Risk Point Dealer Open Lot Vehicle Inventory Program


Program Features:

  • Program is available for Franchised and Non-Franchised Auto Dealers, Truck Dealers, RV Dealers and Motorcycle Dealers.
  • Weather Loss aggregate deductibles available.
  • Economic Loss covered to a maximum of $2,500 as a result of collision damage to a new vehicle and $2,500 for additional miles added to the odometer of a new vehicle as a result of a theft loss to a new vehicle.
  • A high sublimit ($200,000 per year) for False Pretense (trick, scheme or device) loss.
  • Coverage available for stored “off lease” vehicles.
  • An aggregate deductible on collision losses. This is unique in the industry.
  • The “margin clause” provides coverage equal to 125% of the limit shown in the event that a loss exceeds the limit of insurance shown on the policy. The average monthly value is the limit of insurance shown on the declaration page that will be used as the rating basis. The “margin clause” does not apply to Flood or Earthquake coverage.
  • Convenient payment plan with 15% down and 10 monthly payments.
  • No monthly reports of values required by dealers.
  • Superior Customer Service.
  • Claims Service provided by Risk Point and managed from our Dallas, Texas headquarters.
  • Loss Prevention Service such as Risk Point Alert early warning app is available as needed.

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Risk Point Garage Program for Franchised Auto, Heavy Truck, Motorcycle, Powersports & RV Dealers

The Risk Point Underwriting Managers Garage Program for Franchised Auto, Heavy Truck, Motorcycle, Powersports and RV Dealers provides a broad, multiple-line package policy tailored to the unique exposures of dealer operations.

Program Features:

  • Garage Liability
  • Garagekeepers
  • Property - Buildings
  • Business Personal Property
  • Business Income
  • Commercial Auto
  • General Liability
  • Crime
  • Inland Marine
  • Discrimination
  • Data Compromise
  • Equipment Breakdown
  • Pollution
  • Umbrella


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Habitational Property Program

The Risk Theory Habitational Property Program provides exclusive nationwide comprehensive
insurance coverage for loss challenged multi-family habitational risks. Coverage is written on a non-admitted basis with a carrier rated A- IX (Excellent) by A.M. Best and is available in ALL STATES.

Program Coverages Available:

  • Property
  • Business Income/Rental Value
  • Ordinance or Law: Sections A, B & C
  • Incidental Builders Risk Coverage
  • Earthquake Sublimits Provided
  • Flood Sublimits Provided
  • Replacement Cost Coverage is Available for Most Properties

Eligible Risks:

  • Garden-style Apartments
  • Mid-rise Apartments
  • Multiplex Apartments
  • Mixed Use/Multifamily with First Floor Retail
  • Condominiums

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Heavy Iron Underwriters

Heavy Iron Underwriters is a specialty underwriter focusing on niche markets within the crane & rigging industry. We have the knowledge and the underwriting expertise to customize coverages and provide solutions for the heavy iron segment. Heavy Iron includes crane rental, rigging, heavy haul, structural movers, aerial lift platform dealers, pile driving, drill shaft, steel erection, and select demolition operations. 

Coverages Available:

  • Practice Policies

  • Primary Commercial General Liability – $1M Each Occurrence

  • Occurrence Coverage with Manuscript forms for Crane-Rigging-Heavy Haul

  • Custom Inland Marine & Property Warehouse Coverages

  • Primary Auto Liability – $1M Each Occurrence

  • Primary Auto Physical Damage

  • Follow Form Excess Liability – $4M Each Occurrence/Aggregate

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E&S Brokerage for Construction, Energy, Environmental & Manufacturing

Risk Transfer Partners is a wholesale Casualty broker specializing in placement of a wide range of business within the Energy, Construction, Environmental, & Manufacturing Industries.

  • Energy Contractors Insurance for the Oil & Gas industry, Pipe Welders, Chemical Workers, Construction, Off Shore Contractors

o Manufacturers, Dealers and Distributors including products that go down hole or offshore

o Pipelines and pipeline terminals

o Oil and Gas Services Contractors including over the hole contractors

o Consultants

o Pipe Inspectors

o Refining Contractors

o Chemical Blenders

o Welders, Pipe Fitters, Fabrication Contractors

o Underground Utility Contractors

o Solar Power, Contractors and Manufacturers.

o Biofuels

o Wind Energy Contractors and Manufacturers.

o Hydroelectric

  • General Contractor Insurance & Contractors Liability Insurance

o Commercial and Residential General Contractors

o Roofing Contractors

o Foundation Contractors

o EIFS Contractors

o Street and Road Contractors

o Crane and Rigging (With and without operator)

o Fire Suppression Contractors

o Framing Contractors

o Electricians

o Plumbers

o HVAC Contractors

o Insulation Contractors

o Staffing Companies

o Commercial and Residential Developers

o Grading and Excavation

o Utility Contractors

o Concrete Contractors

o Scaffolding Contractors

  • Environmental Liability Insurance & Pollution Liability

o Asbestos/Lead/Mold Abatement Contractors

o Environmental Consultants/Engineers

o Waste Brokers

o Soil/Groundwater Treatment Contractors

o Disposal Facilities

o Chemical Blenders/Distributors/Manufacturers

o Analytical Laboratories

o Fire/Water Restoration Contractors

o Bioremediation Contractors

  • Product Manufacturing Insurance

o Cranes

o Construction Equipment

o Agriculture Equipment

o Concrete Products

o Abrasives

o Adhesives

o Fall Prevention Equipment

o Industrial Detergents

o Electrical Equipment

o Elevators, Escalators, & Lifts

o Exercise & Playground Equipment

o Metal Goods

o Modular Homes

o Sporting Goods

o Ammunition

o Rubber Goods

o Pumps/Gauges

o Pipe & Casing

o Chemicals

o Trailers

o Valves

o Building Supplies

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Artisan Contractors - Commercial Auto & General Liability

Striker Insurance Services, a Risk Theory company, provides Commercial Auto & General Liability to over 80 classes of Residential & Commercial Artisan Contractors. Our experienced underwriters customize policies to meet the unique needs that contractors require to stay on the job and protect their daily operations.

Carriers: Admitted & Non-Admitted with A.M. Best Ratings of A- VIII 

Availability: Coverage is available in all states except AK, FL, HI, LA, NY, OK, & TX 

Eligible Risks: 

  • Over 80 Approved Classes 
  • Residential & Commercial Artisan Contractors 
  • New Residential Construction Available 
  • GCs and Subcontractors Requiring Coverage Flexibility

Commercial Auto Policies Provide: 

  •     $1M CSL AL Coverage 
  •     Stated Value APD 
  •     Blanket Additional Insured 
  •     Blanket Waiver of Subrogation 
  •     Primary & Noncontributory Language 
  •     Hired and Non-Owned AL and APD 
  •     Broadened Pollution 
  •     Trailer Interchange 
  •     Rental Reimbursement 

General Liability Policies Provide: 

  •     $1M Each Occurrence 
  •     $2M Products-Completed Ops Aggregate 
  •     $2M General Aggregate 
  •     Practice Policies 
  •     Occurrence Form 
  •     Defense Outside the Limits 
  •     Blanket Additional Insureds 
  •     Blanket Waiver of Subrogation 
  •     Primary & Non-Contributory Language 

Submission Requirements: 

  •     Narrative Detailing Operations, Large Losses & Target Premium 
  •     Completed ACORD Application 
  •     Completed Striker Supplemental Application 
  •     Employee List in Excel (Job Title, Valid Driver’s License State & Number, DOB, Date of Hire) 
  •     Equipment and Vehicle Schedules in Excel 
  •     5 Years of Currently Valued Loss Runs (Within 90 Days of Effective Date) 



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