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Company Description

Totalis Program Underwriters is a scaled and integrated platform providing specialty expertise and solutions for challenging and underserved areas of the market. With a growing collection of highly regarded specialty programs in multiple industries, we’re leveraging opportunities to enhance and innovate solutions for today’s most complex risks.

Totalis programs are all built to deliver superior customer service, disciplined underwriting expertise, and long-term profitability and sustainability for our valued distribution and carrier partners and insureds. Dedicated to continually elevating the breadth of knowledge and depth of experience essential to driving business growth, Totalis is where industries turn for solutions.

Programs & Coverages

Restaurants, Bars, and Taverns

Quality Coverage for Spirited Businesses
Running a hospitality business – especially if you serve alcohol – comes with a healthy serving of risk. Patrons exchanging fighting words and more (that may catch bystanders in the middle), errant spills causing slips and falls, equipment failure making messes and spoiling food, or any of the dozens of things that can happen between a stool and the parking lot leave you with a lot of risks to worry about. At NFP, we understand the worries that you face, and we’re right there with you in the office, the kitchen, behind the bar and out on the floor —literally. Our independent loss control experts show up to evaluate everything from safety features to compliance with industry best practices, offering easy-to-implement tips and checklists to help you keep insurance costs down and calamities off your closing checklist. Our Restaurants, Bars and Taverns specialty program underwrites insurance coverage, processes the intake of claims, and helps you control losses and minimize risk across:

  • Restaurants 
  • Bars, pubs and taverns 
  • Sports bars 
  • Brewpubs 
  • Casinos 

Quick, Clean and Convenient Claims 
We process claims efficiently and promptly so you can get back to keeping your customers happy and coming back without any hassles. Our proprietary, cutting-edge, automated systems capture and store all the necessary data from your photos, promptly gathered statements, supporting documents and records, and we’ll handle the rest — keeping you up to date on what happens next. Together we can get your business running better than ever before. Let’s work on the perfect plan that’ll be the secret ingredient to your success.

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Michael Maher

Medical Devices

NFP is a leader in providing insurance services to the medical device industry, with over 1,000 insureds nationwide. We work with organizations of all sizes and supply a wide range of coverages to meet their needs.

What Separates Us from Our Competitors? 
Our experience within the medical equipment industry spans over 30 years, and we have an in-depth understanding of how your business works, your day-to-day functions and your equipment needs. We also offer occurrence form coverage, package credits and provide all lines of insurance starting at low minimum premiums. 

Who Qualifies to Work With Us? 
Any company that sells, services or repairs medical equipment.

Program Benefits
Offering protection for you, the equipment and the service you provide.

  • Comprehensive liability coverage including products and completed operations
  • Professional liability for bodily injury and property damage
  • Affordable cost
  • Occurrence form not claims made
  • No deductible
  • Defense costs unlimited
  • 30 years of experience in the medical device industry
  • Equipment maintenance programs
  • HIPAA coverage
  • Property, auto and workers’ compensation insurance

Eligible States
Available in all states except Hawaii. 

The core coverage in this program is general liability insurance that protects you and your assets against liability claims and judgments. However, we do offer all lines of insurance.


  • Aggregate limit $3 million on all policies 
  • Non-owned auto, if required, may be included within the minimum premium 
  • Defense cost paid unlimited for covered claim 
  • Maximum charge for all specifically endorsed additional insureds and waivers – $500 per policy year 
  • Automatic additional insured – managers or lessors of premises 
  • Each location and each project – equal to general aggregate 
  • Waiver of subrogation – included 
  • HIPAA legal coverage – $50,000 
  • Limited product withdrawal expense – $10,000 
  • Property damage to borrowed equipment and customer goods – $10,000 
  • No fault medical payments – increased from $5,000 to $10,000 
  • Excess (aka umbrella) coverage limits available up to $10 million – ability to add to general liability and auto liability


  • Building and contents 
  • Business income and extra expense – actual loss sustained to $300,000 
  • Employee theft – $25,000 
  • Property off premises – $25,000 
  • Voluntary parting or fraud – $10,000 
  • Exhibition coverage – $25,000 
  • Salesman’s sample – $25,000 
  • Electronic data processing equipment, data, media – $50,000 
  • Property in transit – $50,000 
  • And 62 others


  • Auto liability and physical damage 
  • Hired auto physical damage coverage – up to $75,000 
  • Glass breakage waiver of deductible – private passenger 
  • Loss of use expenses – $30 each day/$1,000 maximum 
  • Towing and labor – private passenger vehicles – $100 each disablement 
  • Accidental airbag discharge 
  • Auto loan or lease gap coverage 
  • Rental reimbursement coverage – 30 days/$100 each day/$3,000 maximum 
  • And 15 others

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Dan Schneider


It’s All About Building Relationships 
The surety business is a people business. Our strong relationships with the right surety carriers are how we help you get exactly what you need. Carriers trust us to make underwriting decisions without going back and forth with them. As a result, you get your answer more quickly — and can get back to your project faster. 

We also believe in building real relationships with our customers, and work to get to know you so we can not only write a bond, but be there for you for the long term. For us, there’s no job that’s too big or too small. Although we work directly with some of the most successful contractors in the country, we also help harder-to-place bond clients who need a little extra assistance. Even contractors with not-so-stellar credit who have working capital have options here.

We’ll Hammer Out the Details the First Time
While we can’t change the rules of underwriting, we can help make life a little easier for you by getting everything we need the first time we connect. Not only does that prevent those “Oh, by the way…” calls for more information that interrupt your day, but it also eliminates unnecessary delays in getting your bonds written. 

Just as important, you’ll have a full understanding of what happens next and how long it should take to get an answer on your bond. If you’re a bond veteran, we’ll get you moving as quickly as possible.

Agents: Need a Surety Market? 

NFP is an agency specializing in helping brokers with their bond needs — hard to place, high risk, standard and preferred. We provide bid, payment and performance bonds and write in every state.

Types of bonds:

  • Insurance-specific license bonds: Third-party administrator, managing general agent, adjuster, surplus lines, P&C broker 
  • License and permit bonds: Insurance, real estate, mortgage, detective, private investigator, title, auto dealer, distributor/exporter, collection agency, driving schools, and many more 
  • Contractor’s license: Compliance, third-party, labor, maintenance, and material for all lines of contractors, including general, sewer, electrical, landscaping, cement/concrete, plumbing, havoc, fencing
  • Miscellaneous: Utility, wage and welfare, many sales tax, and fuel tax bonds for most states 
  • Construction trade permits: HVAC, plumbing, electrical, janitorial 

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Mike Lapre

Medical Malpractice

You Take Care of Your Patients — We’ll Take Care of Your Risk
Is your medical professional liability insurance healthy? Will it hold up when put to the test? When it comes to managing risk, you need a partner that’s as focused on you as you are on your patients. 

Due to the challenges you and your clients are facing in the medical professional liability insurance marketplace, our program is a great choice for agents and brokers to seek additional quote options for their clients. Our program insurer is A rated by A. M. Best and has over 30 years of experience providing medical professional liability insurance to the healthcare industry. We are committed to providing outstanding service and healthcare expertise to the agents and brokers that work with us.

With our in-depth knowledge and years of experience, we provide you quality, insurance solutions and custom advice that extend across a wide variety of health care specialties and classes. We’ve had great success in various classes of healthcare including: 

  • Urgent care clinics 
  • All classes of MD/DO physicians (individual and group policies) 
  • Employed or staff physician of hospitals or IPAs 
  • Regenerative medicine 
  • Stem cell clinics 
  • Integrative clinics 
  • Surgery centers 
  • Imaging centers 
  • Physician and non-physician staffing firms 
  • Allied medical schools 
  • COVID-19 testing ventures
  • Labs 
  • Sleep centers 
  • Infusion services 
  • Home health 
  • House call/concierge practices 
  • Telemedicine 
  • Hospice 
  • CRNAs* 
  • Physician assistants* 
  • Nurse practitioners* 
  • Anesthesia assistants* 
  • 200 + types of allied professionals, technicians and therapists classes* 
  • On-demand care 
  • Perfusion* 
  • Acupuncture* 
  • Chiropractors* 
  • Autotransfusionists* 
  • Group dental practices 
  • Home healthcare 
  • Rehabilitation clinics 
  • Occupational health clinics 
  • College healthcare clinics 
  • Onsite employer clinics 
  • Weight loss clinics 
  • Mobile healthcare 
  • IV hydration practices 
  • Exam services 
  • Unlimited standalone tail 
  • Medi-spas 
  • Non-board certified physicians (are eligible under certain conditions) 
  • Usage rating 

(* Indicates occurrence available)

We can offer GL and EBL. Other classes of risks considered that are not listed above or are not on the list of classes we do not quote. 

We Do Not Offer Coverage for the Following Classes in Our Program

  • Risks in KS, WI and NY that require admitted paper 
  • Non-standard physicians 
  • Hospitals 
  • Long-term care facilities/assisted living and adult care homes 
  • Excess limit policies 
  • Risks needing more than a $1M per claim/up to $15M annual agg primary limit (except in VA where we offer the tort compliant higher limit) 
  • Drug/alcohol and mental health inpatient facilities 
  • Troubled adult or youth facilities 
  • Mid-wives 
  • Correctional care practices 
  • Over 20% long term care practice 
  • Standalone medical directorship 
  • Primarily opioid pain management/addiction focus practices (we do offer quotes for pain management groups that have diversified pain management services) 
  • Podiatrists 
  • Naturopathic physicians 
  • Homeopathic physicians 
  • Individual dental practices 
  • Overnight stay surgery centers 
  • Cannabis practices 
  • EMS ground and air transport risks

David Wood

Financial Institutions

Equity Protection Program 
The Equity Protection Program (EPP) offered through NFP provides lenders the ability to mitigate the risks associated with expanding equity loan portfolio parameters through a fully insured program. By insuring loans with augmented loan-to-value thresholds, debt-to-income ratios and credit score ranges, you can expand equity loan offerings without taking on additional risk. In the event of default, the full balance of the covered loan will be payable — without incurring expensive foreclosure, charge-off or REO charges. 

Program benefits include these valuable features: 

  • Protects lender against borrower default for any reason
  • No foreclosure required when filing a claim
  • Increases revenue 15% – 20%
  • Reduces or eliminates REO expenses for lender
  • Delegated loan underwriting authority with capacity to submit for additional review
  • Customized rate structure allowing for single rate for all loan types or alternative structures
  • Slight increase in APR covers cost of risk transfer with no direct cost to the lender
  • Eliminates/reduces loan loss reserve requirements and protects balance sheet
  • Underwritten by A.M. Best A-rated carriers

Equity Protection That Works For You 
We understand your needs and we’re there for you throughout the entire process. Our underwriters work closely with prospective lenders and agents to structure each EPP to ensure that it provides effective parameters for the financial institution to generate covered loans. Once the program guidelines are determined, our team offers training and assistance throughout the implementation process — from premium and reporting to loan origination and claim filing. 

Stuff happens. If a covered loan defaults and becomes uncollectable, 100% of the loan balance is paid at default. No foreclosure or charge-off is required and a claim may be filed within approximately 90 days of delinquency. Claims are typically paid within 30 days of submitting documentation. 

Eligible loan types include: 

  • Home equity lines of credit (HELOC)
  • Purchase — money seconds (combo, piggyback subordinate financing for 1st)
  • Home improvement loans (secured & unsecured)
  • Closed-end seconds

Tailored Premiums 
Pricing is customized and quoted once an application is submitted, and is based on lender loss history, loan types to be included and the expected volume of covered loans. The applicable rate is payable monthly and is based on the total outstanding balance of insured loans.

For more information on Financial Institutions, please visit

Kathleen Ayer

High Limit Disability

NFP is a leading underwriter of specialized disability insurance for top talent in the worlds of sports, entertainment, business and medicine. NFP addresses the void in financial plans for highly paid professionals by developing flexible policies that protect assets and earnings of people whose future depends on their continued ability to perform at elite levels. NFP can provide a variety of individual or group disability plans or work with interested parties to create new, dynamic insurance solutions to protect their various financial interests. NFP can provide coverage at the individual level or create larger group plans to cover a selected class of employees, members, etc.

NFP fills the gap in financial plans for lawyers, executives and other highly compensated business professionals.

  • Corporate key persons
  • High salaried individuals
  • Employer-sponsored groups/plans

NFP helps physicians, surgeons, dentists, and many other highly compensated healthcare professionals protect their financial futures.

  • Surgeons
  • Specialists
  • Medical practices/groups
  • Dentists

For over 40+ years, NFP has been a leading provider of high-limit disability and specialized insurance coverage to the professional sports world. NFP works with professional leagues, teams, athletes and coaches to create innovative insurance solutions to better protect against financial loss due to a myriad of possible events. Today, the majority of teams from the four major North American sports leagues are NFP clients, in addition to thousands of individual athletes, coaches and team executives. NFP also proudly provides a variety of insurance coverage to the collegiate, high school and youth athletes and sport associations/leagues.

  • Professional teams/universities
  • Athletes
  • Leagues
  • Coaches/front office
  • Agents
  • Youth/high school sports
  • Events

NFP is a leading provider of high-limit disability and specialized insurance coverage to the world of entertainment. NFP provides a variety of coverage options to help protect actors, musicians, models, broadcasters, producers / directors and other entertainers from lost personal income due to an inability to perform. Studios and performance companies purchase the same products that professional sports teams use to protect their balance sheets in the event a star performer is incapacitated due to injury, illness or death. NFP can also insure these individuals, or the production companies relying on their performance, against financial loss caused by cancelled events, lost endorsement deals and many more potential scenarios.

  • Actors
  • Producers/directors
  • Musicians/entertainers
  • Models
  • Broadcasters
  • Events

For more information on High Limit Disability Insurance, please visit

Nick Greisen

Auto Services

At NFP, we know that sometimes selling a vehicle service contract (VSC) can get tough — especially if there’s a blind spot making your current offering incomplete when it comes to higher mileage used vehicles. 

We have over 30 years’ experience in the automotive space — building plans and programs that address not only the needs of the dealership and its employees but, most importantly, the needs of the dealer principal. In that time, we’ve learned from our partners and clients that the people least likely to be able to pay for mechanical repairs are those buying used vehicles with higher mileage. We built our high mileage VSC program, Power, to eliminate that blind spot and protect your customer’s investment. 

Boost Your High-Mileage VSC Sales 
Not being able to sell vehicles because of less than ideal VSC availability can eat into a dealer’s profits. That’s why we offer two levels of coverage with our high-mileage VSC program, Power. Power SecureCare offers exclusionary coverage for vehicles with up to 125,000 miles at the time of sale. And for your inventory with more than 125,000 miles, Power PremierCare offers powertrain or powertrain plus electrical and AC components coverage available for vehicles with up to 200,000 miles at the time of sale. 

The Key Benefits of Power

  • Power will not diminish the sales of your core service contract program
  • Increase your VSC Penetration by up to 30% on vehicles with over 70,000 miles
  • Power provides quality coverage at an affordable price to protect your customer and fit the deal
  • Built with a default $100 Disappearing Deductible to increase your Service Department Retention

Products and Services
In addition to our exclusive Power VSC, we also provide the following products and services:

  • Vehicle service contracts
  • Limited warranties
  • Guaranteed asset protection (GAP)
  • Prepaid maintenance
  • Combination warranties
  • Key replacement
  • Road hazard tire & wheel
  • Windshield protection
  • Roadside assistance
  • Anti-theft warranties
  • Chemical (paint and fabric)
  • Credit insurance


  • F&I Manager Training
  • Sales Manager Training
  • Sales Representative Training
  • BDC Training

Profit Vehicles

  • Retrospective Profits (retros)
  • Front Loaded Retros
  • Reinsurance

For more information on Auto Services, please visit

Brian LoBaugh

Residential Construction

We are a proven leader in the industry with a targeted focus on strong general liability & builder’s risk policies which are supported by industry-leading loss control, risk management and construction quality assurance. To protect our builders’ assets, we employ a combination of comprehensive risk management techniques paired with a broad insurance policy.

Since 1999, our experienced construction underwriters have written over $900 million in premium for new construction risks throughout the country.

Our product offerings include the following:

New Construction GL

  • Project-Specific and Wrap Policies
    • Terms Up to 36 Months and Including Extended Products-Completed Operations Coverage
    • Pay-As-You-Sell Options Available
  • Annual, Renewable Practice Policies (Admitted in AL, AZ, FL, GA, LA, OR, UT, and WA – Non-Admitted in Most Other States)
  • Limits Up to $10M
  • No Limitation on Tract Home Builders
  • Appetite Includes New Construction of:
    • Single-Family Homes
    • Fee-Simple Townhomes
    • Condominiums
    • Mixed-Use
    • Up to 7-Stories and $40M in Cost Per Building

Builder’s Risk

  • Residential and Commercial Buildings Up to $10M in Insured Value
  • Flood and Earthquake/Sinkhole Available in Some Areas
  • Coastal Florida Wind Coverage Available
  • Multiple Products:
    • Standard Blanket
    • New Starts Reporting
    • Single-Shot With Term Up to 24 Months and Extensions Available 
  • Modified Blanket – This is Unique to ISG (Premium is Charged Only For the Number of Months it Takes to Build and Sell Each Structure)

For more information on Residential Construction, please visit

Ellen Goldstein